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The rest of her words were swallowed in her brother's increasingly ugly face. Liu Kui's face was already livid. He clenched his teeth and said with a strange look, "Who told you that?"? It was clearly my carelessness-- Unexpectedly Liu Zhao one face "early knew so" the appearance, seriously repeatedly shook his head: "What kind of person is the elder brother? Always careful, how can there be such carelessness? Young as I am, I am sensible. As soon as this word was exported, Liu Jiu felt a burst of absurdity, and his chest was blocked to the extreme. He had no idea that his sister, who used to speak ill of Ashu, would one day persuade him to be nicer to Ashu. He did not know for a moment whether to feel happy or wronged. His face was pale and pale. It took him a long time to say, "Feng Kui has taught you very well." Then he coughed lightly, turned his eyes away and pretended to be indifferent. "But don't think too much. I did it carelessly." "Then he looked up at the sky and waved to his servant, who was waiting at a distance." Bring back Ah Zhao, "he said. When he returned to the house, he was still a little palpitated. When Ah Shu saw him enter, she made a gesture to get up and greet him. Then he came to his senses and stepped forward to hold her down. "You're still hurt. Don't hurry!" With that, he crouched down on the edge of the couch, gently lifted her skirt, looked at the wound carefully for a moment, then took the plaster from the small drawer beside him, dug out a little, and smeared it carefully: "Fortunately, there is no blistering. I will be able to walk tomorrow." Night has not yet arrived, there is no light in the room, only a few rays of sunset glow through the half-open doors and windows. He turned slightly sideways, and the glow of the sun shone on his face with a warm color. In the dim light, Ashu watched him squat carefully and skillfully,impact beam tubes, slightly entranced. Liu Kui suddenly raised his eyes and looked at her, who had not yet moved her line of sight. After being slightly stupefied, Fang smiled and rubbed the top of her hair: "You believe me. I have been in the army for many years, and I am used to seeing all kinds of heavy and light wounds." Shu suddenly remembered that when she married him, the two of them were weaving letters together under the lamp. He was born in a declining imperial clan. His family was poor when he was young, and he experienced drastic changes in the world. He studied in the Imperial College and fought in the army. The people he communicated with, from the nobles of Tianhuang to the refugees and skirmishers, were of all kinds and complicated. It was no wonder that he had such a long mind and developed such a good ability to manipulate people's hearts. Now he is so kind and tolerant, probably because he was used to the fickleness of the world at that time. She took his arms and asked him to sit down on the couch. Then she poured him a cup of warm tea and said,aluminium coated steel tube, "Drink it. Today's tea is not boiling hot. Don't worry." Remembering the embarrassment of yesterday, Liu's handsome face turned red and he drank two mouthfuls like a cover-up. Then he put down the lacquer cup. Remembering something, he said, "When I came back just now, Ah Zhao said something to me.". She. I want to treat you well. Shu stared at him in surprise and couldn't believe it for a moment: "How could my uncle and sister say such a thing?" Then turned to think of the day when Liu Zhao saw her injured, that unspeakable expression, and gradually back to taste. She chuckled twice and said, "Maybe your elder brother is not very convincing. That's why she wants to get the wrong idea." Liu Da looked at her smile, eyes suddenly some crazy. After a long time, he turned his eyes sideways to hide the intensity of his eyes. He took her into his arms and kissed her carefully for a while. Finally, he rubbed her forehead with his cheek lovingly and said in a hoarse voice, "I met Jiang Ji today." He moved his lips behind her ears, causing her to shiver. A Shu, children.. Stay away from Jiang Ji in the future, and I have warned her not to speculate about you and me any more. Shu shrank toward his bosom, the hand that sticks to his bosom could not help pulling down his skirt, Wen Yan nodded silently. He hesitated for a long time, but when he was confused and had to restrain himself because of her inconvenience, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, he still couldn't hold back and asked, "Did Your Majesty know Jiang's brother and sister well in the past?"? Jiang Ji seemed to know the king very well. Her mind is also sensitive, these days, often mention Jiang Chengjun, he is always a little unnatural, coupled with Jiang Chengjun's words that day, can not help but make her suspicious. Liu Kui's arm around her waist was stagnant again, as if remembering something unpleasant. His eyes were cold, and he said, "It's just because of my teacher Jiang Gong.". I am not familiar with her. ” …… Said the autumn, the second day, Liu Da has the two days of performance is particularly bright several people one by one, FanXiao age is still light, has become a samurai general, scenery infinite. Jiang Yu, who won the first prize that day, got a lot of rewards, but only sealed a mere captain, which was really surprising. When the news came out, the disparity between the two made people talk a lot. In the past, many people said that Jiang Yu was the son of the former Taichang, who could be regarded as the son of Liu Kui's teacher. In any case, he would be treated kindly, but now it is not necessarily so. Come to think of it, Xiao Wang is still a decent person, does not like the behavior of villains, both the virtuous do not avoid relatives, and not only relatives are used, can be called fair. Liu Kui also privately summoned Jiang Yu to ask, "Zi Pei, I have given you the post of a captain. Do you understand what I mean?" By this time, Jiang Yu had already put on a suit of armor and joined the army to take office. She practiced hard every day. The youthful spirit that had previously flourished had faded a little, and a lot of calm and solemn spirit had been added. He bowed his head and said in a loud voice, "I'm new here. I haven't set up any military industry. I can get the post of a captain. Your Majesty is particularly fond of me. Yu knows this." But Rao knew it in his heart, but he could not hide his loss and envy. Once upon a time in Changan, he is the favored son of heaven, FanXiao is after the decline of the cremation, a heaven, a ground, because of congenial temperament, just became a good friend. Now the situation turned over, although he tried to convince himself, this is just a common thing in life, Fan Xiao today's scenery, but also his previous several times with the levy meritorious service to get, in the end there is still some discomfort in the heart. Especially when the elder sister knew about it, she was also worried and dissatisfied. Liu Kui looked at him carefully and quietly for a moment. Fang stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder and said, "You deserve to be the queen of Jiang Gong." Then, he said in all earnestness, "the army is different from other places, everything depends on the real sword and real gun to kill out, you drill well, soon will be a crusade against Bing, if you can render meritorious service, there will be a reward." Feeling encouraged, Jiang Yu clasped her fists and answered "Yes" loudly. Letter in the palace,precision welded tubes, Liu Zhao seems to be embarrassed, two days in a row are sick, not to ask where a Shu. cbiesautomotive.com

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