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After the meal, Fang Xun was in high spirits, sat up, leaned against the tree trunk, and began to talk and laugh with the crowd. People lined up, sitting across the branches, cool breeze blowing, branches and leaves blowing, very pleasant. While picking his teeth with the keel, Long Qi said that the last time he passed here, Ao Hou Ye shot a nine-tailed dragon turtle, which tasted a hundred times better than fish. When Princess Yin Qi heard this, she could not help remembering Ao Shaoxian again. Her heart jumped, and she did not know if he had escaped safely now? Thinking of the ferocious dragon claw jellyfish, he was even more worried and said thoughtfully, "Can the fiery dragon Marquis find us?" "Don't worry, Princess," they said in unison. "The Marquis knows this place like the palm of his hand. I guess he'll be here in a few minutes." Seeing that they were so confident, her heart settled a little. "Have a good rest, Princess and Your Highness," said Long Qi. "I'll wait for the Marquis." Let two sailors Xia Yuer and Long Yue protect Princess Yin Qi and Fang Xun to sit back in the tree hole to rest, while he leads the other two sailors to climb the branches on the outer edge and wait. After two hours, see the sun set, mist gradually, still no trace of Ao Shaoxian, people can not help but start to worry again. Yin Qi princess heart perturbed, thoughts,Automatic nail machine, the more I think the more afraid, several times can not help but get up and go to the tree hole to look, but the wind has passed, tired birds return to the forest, where is his figure? Sitting at the mouth of the tree hole, Fang Xun saw her sometimes frowning, sometimes biting her lips and hesitating, restless and restless, which was quite different from her usual calm state. She was surprised and interesting. Suddenly, she suddenly realized and smiled without saying a word. He knew his sister very well,nail manufacturing machine, and under her beautiful and gentle appearance, there was an independent, strong and proud heart. In the past eighteen years, I don't know how many princes and princes have been chasing and courting each other, but her heart has always been like a piece of ice and snow that refuses to melt. But in the misty twilight of the clouds, her heart seemed to melt. Could it be that in just one night, the elegant and brave Marquis of the Dragon Clan had knocked on the door of her heart? But Where is Purple Snake Hou? Fang Xun's heart suddenly sank again. Princess Yin Qi was ordered to marry the second son of the Duke of Snake. If she really fell in love with Ao Shaoxian, wouldn't it be lovesickness? Just as Hou Men is as deep as the sea, it is pitiful to be born in the imperial family. Could it be that in this life, she will lock the heavy door and hurt her heart alone? Thinking of this, he could not help feeling unhappy. Suddenly the summer fish outside the tree hole cried out in horror, "What is this?" Princess Yin Qi and Fang Xun looked up and saw ripples rippling below, more and more urgent, blood-red bubbles bubbling out of the middle, the stench assailed the nostrils, and the clear lake water became muddy in an instant. Whoa! The water splashed in all directions, and a silver-white monster rushed out of the water and rushed at Princess Yin Qi like a telegram! "She is astonied, the ear side hears everybody to exclaim, put Xun eye disease hand quick, Nail production machine ,Iron Nail Making Machine, rise the strength of the whole body, throw her into the hole suddenly." Whew! A small dark red object shot out of the monster's mouth, nailed straight into the trunk, curled up and struggled "crackling". The snow was still in shock, and through the sunset light leaking from the branches and leaves, it was clear that the dark red arrow-like thing was actually a miniature spiny-tailed red snake! "Yo-whoo!" The white monster let out a strange cry like a baby, suddenly flew obliquely, hooked its long tail, wrapped itself around the branches above, swayed and swung, stared at the crowd viciously, and made a gesture to attack. The monster was shaped like a five-foot-long ferret, with silvery silky fur, a long, puffy tail, and four sharp and long claws, with a faint blue color. The auricle four turns, the blood red triangle eye fierce light explodes angrily, opens the mouth, "Hehe" has the sound, between the fine sharp teeth, the long tongue beats, on the tongue impressively rolls a small red practice snake. There was a strong stench. Arrowhead and mink! Everyone's face suddenly changed, Xia Yuer and Long Yue "choked" to pull out the machete, grabbed the body to block the hole in the tree, every muscle of the whole body has been tightened. Zhuo Xue and Fang Xun's heart sank, and cold sweat crawled all over their backs. This monster is ferocious and venomous. It likes to eat human flesh. As long as it is cut by its minions, it will seal its throat with blood. In addition, there are a large number of small red snakes hidden in its body, which can be used as poisonous arrows to shoot, and it is also called the "Southern Wilderness Double Arrow Beast". But the most terrible thing is not these, but this monster is a hunting beast domesticated by Sang Nineteen Niang. As long as it appears, "Snake and Arrow Lady" will not be far away. Snake and Arrow Lady "Sang Nineteen Niang" is a capable cadre of Gonggong's rebellion against the Communist Party of China, and is also one of the famous "Four Enchantresses of the Southern Wilderness". She used to be the wife of Sambahar, the chieftain of the Terran people. Later, because she had a quarrel with her husband, she shot him in anger and threw her people under the banner of the prime minister. She became one of the few female chieftains in the rebel party. Long Qi and others in the distance heard the exclamation and immediately stepped on the branches and leaves and flew over. Whew! The arrow snake and the mink bowed and shot out two poisonous snakes. With a loud shout, Long Yue raised his knife and cut the snake and arrow into two parts. Xia Yuer, however, avoided it and was pierced into his cheek by the snake arrow. He immediately let out a shrill and horrible scream. He hurriedly threw away his long knife, scratched his face with both hands, and shot at random with black blood. Don't scratch! Long Yue struggled to pull Xia Yuer's hands away, and the machete flashed and split half of his cheek! Xia Yuer cried out in great pain. Long Yue was about to tear off his clothes and bandage his wound when the arrow snake and mink gave a strange roar and rushed to him like a ghost. The sound of "whoosh" was loud, the red shadow flashed, and several snake arrows shot through the air. "Be careful!" Cried Princess Yin Qi, shocked and disgusted, with a white face. "Chi Chi" repeated sound, Xia Yuer, Long Yue two people a stiff, four red practice snake through the body, straight to the trunk, curled up and danced. The two men stared at each other in horror, their faces turned purple and black, their bodies trembled and shrank, and they fell straight into the water. Porphyrin! The water splashed so high that the black dirty blood spread quickly. Little Fish, Old Nine! Long Qi let out a heart-rending roar, "You water rat, I'll fight with you!" Flying at his feet, he brandished his knife with both hands and slashed at the arrowheads and minks jumping up and down. The other two sailors rushed to the tree hole and shouted,Automatic Nail Making Machine, "Princess, your Highness, go!" " 。 3shardware.com

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